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Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez's wedding plans 'are on pause'

Baseball legend Alex Rodriguez has admitted his wedding plans are on ''pause'' amid the coronavirus pandemic.


Baseball legend Alex Rodriguez has admitted his wedding plans are on ”pause” amid the coronavirus pandemic.


Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez’s wedding plans are on ”pause” amid the coronavirus pandemic.
The 44-year-old baseball icon has revealed that he and his fiancee have decided to take a step back from their wedding planning due to the ongoing health crisis.
Appearing on ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’, Alex shared: ”We have to go with the flow now. Everything is fluid, everything’s on just a pause.”
Alex admitted that with so much uncertainty surrounding the return to normality, they’re having to be flexible with their plans.
The former sports star also insisted that safety is their overarching priority.
He said: ”Obviously this is an unprecedented time. And for us, we just want to make sure that we think safety first and make sure that all the little ones are in a good place.”
Meanwhile, Jennifer recently revealed she’s been ”quieting” her mind whilst in lockdown.
The ‘On The Floor’ hitmaker said she’s been seeking personal growth amid the health crisis.
She explained: ”I’m letting everything take a break – my hair, damaged from 20 years in the business; letting my nails breathe; and generally taking care of myself. We don’t want to come out of this without growing.”
Jennifer liked wearing casual clothes at the start of the lockdown – but it started to make her feel like a ”mess internally”, so she subsequently decided to create a ”routine”.
The chart-topping singer – who started dating Alex back in 2017 – said: ”It was fun at first to be comfortable, wear sweats and have messy hair, but then you start feeling like a mess internally.
”So I think it’s about getting up, having a routine, trying to exercise, keeping my skin care routine regular, and using this time to get better.”

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