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MC Galaxy Denies Telling Female Fan To Dance Naked

Nigerian singer, Innocent Udeme Udofot, better known as MC Galaxy, has denied claims he told a lady to dance naked on Instagram Live Video for N50,000.

The ‘Ohaa’ singer is reacting after he was called out by a Nollywood actress, Toyin Abraham, who blasted him for debasing and insulting women because of money.

After slamming the singer for objectifying these young women, Abraham also reminded him of his colleagues who are doing better works with their platforms.

However, the singer in a post on Instagram, denied the claims, saying that he never asked the girls to strip, that they did so voluntarily.

According to him, ” On Friday night, I held an IG live session where fans called in to show their talent. Some rapped, some sang and some danced. We got calls from everywhere; both from guys and ladies called in to showcase their talent.

“At a point, a particular lady called in without her clothes on. I actually dropped her off but fans from the comments insisted I accept her request, so I did. As she danced, a friend declared her the winner and promised to give her 50,000 naira. At no point did I offer anyone 50,000 to dance naked.”

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