Premier League Unveils Official 2019/20 Ball, ‘Nike Merlin’

The Premier League has unveiled the official ball for the 2019/2020 season.


Named the Nike Merlin, it is the manufacturer’s first bespoke design mainly for the English top flight and it comes with a flash of hot pink as its defining feature.

The ball is said to be inspired by England’s urban landscapes as well as to coincide with the 20th anniversary of Nike’s partnership with the Premier League.

Nike says the ball was built with just four panels, and provides a bigger sweet spot for more spectacular shots.

The striking flashes of pink have been included to make the ball even easier to see for players and fans, while Nike ‘Aerowtrac’ grooves ensure a consistent flight through the air.

And the Urban Grip’ technology gives the ball its grippy texture.

Kieran Ronan, Nike’s General Manager of Global Equipment, added that the design is a tribute to the pace and passion of the Premier League.

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