Nigerian Instagram comedian cum politician, Freedom Astepoyi also known as Mr. Jollof has ignited the wrath of social media users due to the comment he made regarding the tragic death of former NBA Star, Kobe Bryant.

Mr. Jollof, who has carved a niche for himself as a social media ranter, took to his Instagram page to react to the death of the star and in doing so, insinuated that Kobe caused his own death by acquiring the helicopter in the first place.

However, in an effort to save face, he deleted the video but that was not after the video was saved and shared on social media and as such, he’s currently facing a backlash for his comment.


Dr. Dípò Awójídé@OgbeniDipo

Mr Jollof is just ignorant and unexposed. Claims Kobe and Leicester city owner both bought what killed them – their lifestyle killed them.

I wonder how he gets to Lagos from Delta state. He made that video inside a car too.


When I said “I don’t like men that talk too much”

I was talking about the likes of Mr Jollof or whatever they call that boy.


Its surprising that Mr Jollof thinks only expensive things are capable of killing you.
I’ve heard of situations where Kerosene Stove and power bank killed people but let’s ignore that. The fact he still feels he’s right even after deleting the video is sickening. So unnecessary💔

Igala High Chief@I_Am_Ilemona

Mr Jollof’s comments about Kobe Bryant’s death were incredibly distasteful. 30 seconds of absolute stupidity caught on camera and preserved for all time.