Exclusive: I Will Get Rid Of NBC If Elected President - Omoyele Sowore

Presidential aspirant under the platform African Action Congress, Omoyele Sowore during a visit to the Hiphop World Magazine headquarters revealed his plans for the entertainment industry and how he plans to get rid of piracy that is deep rooted in the Nigerian creative space.

According to Sowore,

“If it weren’t for entertainment, Nigeria won’t be on the map today. If we rely on these archaic leaders, nobody will know about Nigeria anymore.

Entertainment in terms of movies and music has made it possible for Nigeria to stay up there glowing. That is why we must do everything to sustain it. But entertainment is not just about piracy. It is about allowing ideas to freely gain currency in expression, that is why one of the things I will do is to get rid of the committee that sanctions music; NBC. He said.

I’ll remove their roles from interfering with music, because the kind of expression we need that would even earn us more is there in people’s brains, but when archaic people start interfering with it, telling you what and what not to sing, you are killing not only the spirit, but the brain and business.

He then delve into how he will go about tackling piracy,

“In terms of piracy, it’s a matter of enforcement. It’s not just about policemen running after people on the streets and destroying cds. It’s also for us to start migrating to digital platforms that will help piracy become a thing of the past. I buy music from iTunes.

You can’t pirate it that way. I encourage more people to migrate or even create their own platforms where the ideas can find profit, currency and genuinty and this is what needs to be done.

Government must create the opportunity for more and more people to have access to the ideas that are coming out of entertainment. For example, the northern part of the country, most people don’t know about the very good musicians there because the integration is not there. We need to open up the country. Why is it that Psquare is more popular in Zimbabwe and Rwanda but people don’t listen to their music in Kano because of these archaic ideas that is running the country, so we need to open the country so entertainment will rule?”

If I were to choose between a country with these kind of leaders and a country with musicians, I will choose Nigeria with musicians without leaders. It is these musicians that are keeping body and soul together. I’m fully for entertainment and for very creative entertainment, I give it to Nigerian entertainers. Though, they are not using their entertainment powers to promote freedom in the country, which us very important. They should not just entertain for the purpose of entertainment, but for the purpose of freedom.” He concluded.


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