I Never Knew I'd Become A Dancer - Kaffy

Nigerian dance queen, Kafayat Oluwatoyin Shafau, popularly known as Kaffy, has said she never knew she would end up becoming a dancer. 


The mother of two, who disclosed this on her new web series ‘Dear Young Nigerians’, said she wanted to be an aeronautic engineer.

“I wanted to be an aeronautic engineer; I never wanted to be a dancer,” she said.

“Let’s be real to ourselves, a lot of us went to school to study something but are not practising what we studied but the knowledge of that has helped.

“Somebody said it’s dancing, you don’t require that level of technical knowledge. You’re not a telco company.

“The skills I learned in mechanic engineering; Industrial maintenance engineering; all the physics, mathematics and economics; all the statistics; all of what I learned from primary school, secondary school and university are being applied in my profession as a dancer.”

The dancer, who led her dance group to break the Guinness Book of Record for Longest Dance Party in 2006, said dancing was an unthinkable venture when she started out.

The 38-year-old dancer made headlines recently when she spoke on how she overcame depression and also advised on how to overcome the menace.

She took to her Instagram to advise Nigerians against being pressured.

“Please DO NOT BE PRESSURED . A lot is a lie . A lot is a manifestation of what they want to be . A lot is from insecurities.A lot is from depression not all smiley faces are happy faces.

“Depression is real too many lives lost.

“I faced depression I battled it and I won . You can win . First thing to do is not to let people define your happiness. We all have our races ,our paths are different ,first to do no mean last man standing o.

“If anyone run past u ,do better than you or have anything u want and don’t have , just wave and say “I will catch up” see ya later”. Your process is important don’t be in a hurry if u do you would lose the ammunition, the instruments u need to sustain the greatness and happiness you pursue.”

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