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EXCLUSIVE: Rema And I Are Not Friends Per Se - Fireboy DML

YBNL star, Fireboy during an exclusive chat with Hiphop World Magazine revealed his journey to stardom, how he met Olamide, his music career so far, relationship with Mavin Record's Rema and many more. Read along


 You have been creating buzz in the last couple of months how has the journey been?

 I got signed by YBNL last year October and a joint album dropped  titled YBNL mafia was released last year December and I had a couple of songs on the album and ‘Jealous’ was a standout song but didn’t get that buzz till the video dropped around February and its been crazy since then and we thank  God it’s a hit and of course the follow up which I dropped like two weeks ago ‘what if I say’. 

YBNL family, how has it been so far?

Its been good the atmosphere is amazing everybody is doing their stuff the family is supportive and energy is right all good

What are you working on at the moment ?

Of course I have been recording right now, I’m just attending shows, events trying to reach out to the fans in person, performing to the fans and of course working on more songs and project for the rest of the year and next year.

The fame that has come in the last few months how have you been able to cope it, the popularity the buzz and everything?

No one really copes with fame like that, I will just say I have been keep my head down trying to stay level headed  and focused because it will be too early for my career to even think about anything else but I’m grateful for where I am today and my own mentality is that I have to keep working and keep my heads down

As a fan after all this project I am listening to now, what am I expecting from Fire Boy?

Something different of course after ‘Jealous’ people expected me to drop something that is similar to it but I had to drop something different because that is what I always do. I had to keep that same mentality because when I was making ‘Jealous’ it was that same mentality that, okay I want to give this people something different and thankful to God it blew up so expect something different that’s all.

Your journey in YBNL is like a big miracle to us how did you get to meet Olamide ,how did you get yourself to the label?

You might categorise it as a miracle but to me I will say its just years of hardwork ,prayer, grace and a whole lot of things  patience and stuff because at that point I was just trying to make music just in my own zone I wasn’t looking for anybody`s help or looking for record labels up and down just trying to create my own sound just recording and all that. Olamide being the kind of musician that he is, he recognized my sound and he reached out to me and we are here today.

Recently, on social media, everywhere there has been this comparison between yourself and Rema, have you ever felt any type of way concerning the comparison  or have you experienced cyber bullying maybe someone coming to your page to get to you with their words about Rema or the music you guys do?

Of course, I have been seeing stuff like that and I will say I wont lie I am not surprised because understanding the industry and the way Nigerians are, its very normal for this kind of things to happen when two young stars are blowing up together at the same time.

They want to compare, so I was just chilled and sometimes I will just smile at the comment and of course people say stuff its very normal so there is no issue with that  I’m just really happy I’m  not the only one trying to take afro beats to the next level I have other people with me that is from the angle I’ m seeing it its being normal.

Should we expect anything from both of you soon?

We cant say we are both trying to cement our sounds in the industry we are trying to just do our thing. maybe sometimes in the future depends on what is going on

Are you guys friends or do you guys relate?

Not exactly friends per say but we are cool




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