Another one for Nigeria Woop Woop! The TV presenter Denrele Edun poses for GQ France magazine on GQ style with an interview. This is a big one for Denrele because HELLO!!! it's GQ where A-list foreign celebrites are featured as cover pages, Denrele being a Nigerian recognized for style .. IT IS HUGE!

"Denrele Edun for @gqfrance courtesy @anastyboy_ (As written by @sophie_bouillon and captured by @benedicte_kurzen ). Not a boy or a girl, not any binary, rigid definition of a person. Just ME.
À lire dans GQ Magazine numéro 118, en kiosques.

Everyday society tries to tell me that I don’t exist, because it believes in only two genders.
Everyday, I very quietly give society the finger, by simply continuing to EXIST!"

He has an eccentric character, especially with his mode of dressing akin to that he dazzled in skirts, fishnets and dresses for the photoshoot. He makes it necessary for him to emphasize his choice of style and personality with the caption beneath his Instagram post.

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