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You Don’t Automatically Book Me When You Book Davido  – DJ E-Cool

DMW official DJ, Ebianga Inang Ikpeme popularly known as DJ E-Cool was at Hiphop World headquarters for a brief chat on his career, relationship with Davido, education, travel experiences and more. Read excerpts from the interview below.  



So what are your plans for the New Year?

Right now, I’m focusing on what I have now. I just dropped my single “For you” featuring Peruzzi and Davido and I’m trying to make sure it circles all around Nigeria, Africa, America, London and many other countries. Just to let everyone know that it’s a good music. I’m from a family where we are musically inclined. Besides that, in March I will be doing a University Tour for all schools in Nigeria.

What are the challenges you face as a DJ in Nigeria

Mine might be different from other Dj’s. One Major challenge I face is the fact that I am even a DJ. People automatically think I am good and people actually think that “when they book David that book me”. It is not the same because we are separate brands and that’s why I do my own shows and my own events.

How did your interest to being a DJ come about?

Dancing was actually my first love.I was already influenced by my family members.My Uncle does Music in London and my mum sings and I used to play drum in Church. If you play drums you’ll automatically almost want to be a DJ because it’s the same mix. I sing as well“Singing is in my blood” I want to come up with my own solo song

Why did you decide to come back to Nigeria?

I did my secondary school in Nigeria and then Traveled for my University. But along the line, Nigeria was calling. People knew who I was already back then in America. There was a time were African music had to go through us first before it came to Nigeria. Immediately the music industry grew, I knew I had to come back to Nigeria.

What’s the inspiration behind the DMW slang?

CHIIIIIIII… it’s actually just like the American slangs “jeez”, but we had to make it ours and it became so popular. It started off with the DMW president and then David changed the spelling. So it was so easy for everyone to use.

If you weren’t a DJ, what would you have been doing?

Dancing for sure!!!

What are your Regrets as a DJ?

I don’t have any. I enjoy it and the money coming. I am a people person. The ability to read crowd is one things and people are quick to judge. But I know how to take the critics so even while I’m playing, I can stop the music and ask people for what they want to hear. Just to vibe.

There is a general belief that artist under Davido get relaxed on the pursuit for success. Who true is this?

No that’s not true. His first Artist is Mayorkun and he’s going everywhere, working really hard. No one is relaxed.

What Advice would you give to those trying to be a DJ

I had to get to a point where I was standing on my own first. I don’t believe you should leave school but however being a DJ can actually make you leave school. Cause for me, I was getting so many bookings in America and everything else was on pause. Honestly speaking, you can’t pursue being a DJ without money. We make a lot of money. Pursue your dreams. My mum didn’t really believe in me becoming a DJ until I started paying all the bills.

What is your take on Nigerian Politics as a Youth?

Vote for who you think is going to be good for the country. Going into politics is not my line. But last last, na God sure pass.

Is there anything your fans do not know about you?

I’m doing a headline show in one day, UK to be precise. I’m shooting for May

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