White People Will Rule Us Better,  We Are Tired Of APC/PDP - Bracket

Music group, Vast and Smash popularly known as Bracket visited Hiphop World headquarters to speak about their music and other projects they’ve been doing over the years.

While speaking about music we also ask them about the political scene in Nigeria and they pour out their mind.

Though impossible, if we can stop hearing about APC and PDP, I will be glad. We need a young person. The world has gotten to another level, but we still keep on exchanging the same old people and their still bringing in the old school ideas into government.

It will be very difficult because nowadays people prefer to talk about it instead of acting. If we have a very intelligent youth that is willing to handle it, you will be surprised that even the youths will not support. That’s why I don’t blame the president for calling youths lazy because in their own time, if they want a revolution, they go for it. Smash said.


 From what I see on the internet these days, the youths are interested in more juicy stories than politics. I don’t even think we should write off APC and PDP because the other coming parties might be worse.

The youths might even be worse. Corruption has eaten so deep that you might think a certain person is the best and the person will end up messing up. I suggest we bring in white people to rule us. They can be corrupt too though, but they’ll do things in a way that will make them indispensable. They are better to an extent.’’ Smash Said.

To further buttress his partners point, Vast said,

”To be honest, we need God. If we remove APC and PDP, who will we trust? Sadly, these people keep promising the same thing over and over again. They promise light and road. These things are basic necessities. We don’t have to be told, it is meant to be. It is not progress. So if we have something new, like youths that probably studied abroad and is still in his early 30s, we won’t mind. As long as the person is intelligent, we don’t mind” Vast Said

We then asked about young people who have ambition to become president and they are not from APC nor PDP, People Like Sowore, Moghalu

“Unfortunately, I’m not a fan of Sowore. I read things about him when he was with Sahara reporters. I saw the things he did to other people when Goodluck was in power. So, I don’t think he will be the better person we need. He was in Sahara reporters and he was supporting a particular party and was playing some funny political games. Smash said.

We probed further that Sowore is just the owner of Sahara reporters and that should affect his political ambitions, since we are clamoring for youths. We also have Donald Duke.

Vast replied that, “The only time our country can be better is if God shows an example and people see it, then they’ll do the right thing. Even if you are young and learned and well behaved, when you get into power, there is just this evil spirit that takes over. It all still balls down to this generation.

This generation is not strong enough. If you come out to push a revolution, don’t be surprised that it will be only you that will come out. Take Banky as an example. He has come out and he is trying to build a fantastic movement and people are asking why he is not facing his music career. How do we even move on as we are not supporting our own?

Some people still come out and say celebrities are not taking part in politics, and this same people are not supporting Banky. That’s the problem we have now. We don’t have people that are genuinely interested in making the country better. We just have few of them. When we have a large percentage of people that are not interested, we will not see the few that are interested.

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