Three Steps To Motivate And Turn Around Your Mondays

Oh my God, Its Monday again! That is how it is for many workers, the day of the week everyone loves to hate.

We wouldn’t blame anyone for this, as in after a good weekend of chills, no one wants to dive back straight into work. Someone once stated we should split the week into half, work one half and play the other half away (Lot’s of workers will be nodding in agreement to this suggestion). Hey, there’s money to be made so we’ve got to man up or woman up as the case may be and make the best of the money making Monday. Easier said than done, but let us share with you what might help you in turning around your Mondays


  • Think of all the fun you have had during the weekend and make Mondays your day of recovery. Yes, you recover from so much fun. Let your weekend turn-ups bring out the hard worker in you. Afterwards, plan for your weekend in advance. Look forward to a new weekend. It will help motivate and ginger your spirit.


  • Another way to start your Monday with a bang is definitely your outfit of the day. Look forward to that Monday morning slay. So, instead of allowing feelings dictate my style, let your style change your feelings. You know that feeling looking like a boss gives you? When you go all corporate with your tuxedo looking all sharp or with those 6- inches heels to pepper the devil.  That should help motivate you.


  • Dear readers, what other motivation do you need apart from money. Is money not motivation enough? Doesn’t the thought of being broke ginger you to get off your bed and get working? Like, who enjoys being broke in this life?

Kindly enjoy your Monday and make the best out of the money making week starter.

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