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Meet 19 –Year Old Nigerian That Makes Cars And Flying Drones (PHOTOS)

On one of those fateful days in Lagos, Ayo Animashaun, the CEO of Smooths Promotions Limited was baffled by traffic lock on a Sunday and decided to find out what could be the cause, only for him to discover 19-year old Amalu Chikamso Chizoba with nickname, ACC Whizzy.

The little boy was driving a car made entirely by him on the streets and these got people’s attention and as such created traffic.

Mr. Animashaun was moved with the boy’s brilliance/innovation and decided to invite him over to Hiphop World Headquarters for interview and showcasing his obvious talent to the world.

According to Chikamso, “I deal with building and construction of aircrafts. I started when I was younger. My major challenge is that my family members don’t understand what I have.

As soon as I noticed my talent, I had to go further. My father kept on destroying my projects.  Then, after constructing toys and showing it to my father, he burns them. At first, I wanted to study mechanical engineer but later, I got to know about aeronautic engineering.

I made my first helicopter in the east, but I had a misunderstanding with the man I was working with. When I first got there, I told him I was going to buy all the materials and do everything myself. I just wanted to use his welding machine, which he charged me ten thousand naira for.

When I finished the work and I was about to use his welding machine, he said I should bring sixty thousand instead of the initially agreed ten thousand. He even gave me a two-day ultimatum to get half of the money.

The man knew had difficult it was to even raise the initial ten thousand, because I was still going to school at that time and my father used to give me a hundred naira every day. I had to trek to school so as to save up to raise the money. My mum was really supportive during this period. She kept pushing me on. She kept encouraging me even as she didn’t have so much money.”

Watch this space for more contents from Chikamso

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