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EXCLUSIVE: How I Made Rick Ross Intrigued/Excited About Africa - Yemi Alade

Nigerian female music star, Yemi Alade during an exclusive chat with Hiphop World Magazine explained how she got American Hiphop star, Rick Ross on one of her recent songs, Oh My Gosh and how she inspire Ricky to try out some African vibes.

Yemi Alade admitted that, she was initially scared of Rick Ross’s personality but eventually amazed by his humble personality.

According to her,

Working with Rick Ross is definitely a tick on one of the few boxes that I’ve kept aside for myself. As a person when I actually met him in Atlanta before we shot the video for “Oh My Gosh!” I definitely did not know what to expect, I probably expected the worse especially because he’s a hip hop rap artiste but when I met him, the humility, the kindness, is shocking and to find that he’s way more intelligent that you’d ever expect.


His conversation, his choice of word,  everything was quite enlightening for me, I learnt a lot just being with him and shooting a video with him, he let me switch some of his styling ideas, he was so excited and intrigued about Africa, if you watch his videos after the “ Oh my gosh!” video, his own personal video, you’d see that there’s a lot of Africa things in them, Africa themes here and there, I feel like I rubbed off on him in a good way  and I definitely left a long lasting Impression, as for the song itself when I heard his verse I think I did the “GOGO” dance or something. She concluded.


Watch Oh My Gosh Video Below;

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