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5 Ways To Make You Child Love And Eat Vegetables

As most parents know, there are two things you can't force a child to do: eat and sleep. This is especially true of toddlers, who often assert their independence through eating or not eating the foods you put on their plates.

Many toddlers turn their noses up at vegetables. It is not uncommon to see children run from greens and other basic vegetables. In a typical Nigerian home, kids shy away from the  regular “efo riro” and any other thing that has to do with leaves. You find them handpicking the chunks of beef and fish in the food and leaving the vegetables to waste. However, all hope is not lost as there are methods to make your kids love these vegetables and even beg you profusely to make them. Yeah! You heard me. They’ll beg for it.

  1. Do not nag about it. You can’t force your children to love something. O di kwa impossible. It is very impossible. Take it easy on these kids.
  2. Have family meals together and let your child see you eating a variety of nutritious foods yourself. Don’t eat pizza and chicken pie while you force your kids to eat greens. Have conscience biko.
  3. Also, toddlers are more likely to eat what their peers eat, so look for opportunities where they can eat vegetables with friends. Organize picnics. Introduce a vegetable. Make games with it. Make it fun to eat. Then wait and see the magic
  4. Prepare the meal in an appetizing manner. Garnish it properly. Spice it up. Make it colorful. Children love colors you know.
  5. Vegetables are not only leaves! How loud can I go! There are carrots.  There are varieties! Tasty ones. Be spontaneous. Experiment.

Thanks for coming to my little talk.


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