Wizkid's Body Guard Stabbed In Lagos

Roy Emmanuel, the bodyguard of Ayo ‘Wizkid’ Balogun, has been stabbed after being involved in an altercation with the MC of Club DNA, Lagos.


The incident was said to have taken place on Thursday, November 15, while pictures of the wounded bodyguard surfaced on the internet at the weekend.

According to the social media grapevine, the altercation was allegedly caused by Emmanuel’s defence of the superstar singer over an alleged debt owed to the nightclub.

However, the club released a statement late on Sunday, noting that the fight was an act of “indiscipline” and not because of the reported debt accrued by Wizkid.

The club stated that “Wizkid’s outstanding bill is a different issue to be addressed separately”.

The statement read: “It has been brought to our notice that news circulating stating Wizkid’s bouncer (Roy) was attacked at CLUB DNA and related to Wizkid’s outstanding bills at the club.

“We would like to make clarification that it was a situation of indiscipline on both side. Roy works at Club dna as the chief bouncer and the accused also work at the same club as an MC. Altercation happened when both staffs were talking to a senior staff and both started an argument and rapidly rose to a fight.

“The matter is now been handled by the Nigerian Police and they are getting to the matter. We would like to clarify that Wizkid’s outstanding bill has nothing to do with this fight.

“It was a situation of two staffs indiscipline act. Wizkid’s outstanding bill is a different issue to be addressed separately and vividly.”

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