Why Lagosians Are Crazily Distinct Nigerian Citizens

Lagos is arguably the most popular city in the country but you will agree with the general saying that it is the craziest city in the country. The culture, slangs, population, hustle and stress were just on another level, someone once pointed out that, to survive in Lagos, you need to have a certain level of insanity or Lagos will teach you.

Living in Lagos will unconsciously embed some characteristics in you that you might even not know about. Hence, the popular saying that a typical Lagosian will survive anywhere in the world.  Let’s go on a trip of some characters of these ‘Eko’ people.

To start with and very importantly, Real Lagosians understand the need to always stay sharp and move fast, and it has become second nature to them. They walk as though they are always in a hurry to go somewhere even if they have nothing major to do, its just in their system.  You will hardly catch a true Lagosian keeping his or her  belongings carelessly in public places or walking sluggishly on the streets, especially crowded streets. Don’t be amused when you are walking too close to a Lagosian and he/she clutches his bag and moves faster, staying woke and getting ready for potential crime is in the blood, they have been self-trained that way.

A typical Lagosian has a nickname for almost everything.

Furthermore, Gidi people like ‘Owambes’. This is a popular term for parties and turn ups. You know those parties the women wear large uniform headgears and heavy makeup? Yes, those ones exactly. Most Lagosians will jump at any little opportunity to throw a party. This is when you start seeing funny color codes. You’ll see cockroach brown or custard yellow, even pepper red. And of course, what is a Lagos owambe without jollof rice? Red, hot peppery jollof; the ones those old fat woman cook in those large clay pots.  Trust me; owambes are active citizens of Lagos state.

Finally, Lagosians can do a million and one things at the same time. They naturally have that multi-tasking skill. They will eat, talk on the phone, and hop on a moving bus at the same time.

Who would have all these skills and still be normal?


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