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'There Are Many Fake People In The Industry'-US Based Singer Morachi

United States of America based  Nigerian  singer  Morachi has explained why he’s been off and on   the music  scene.He  explained that he has been faced with the challenge of acceptance in the past and it’s one of the reasons he has decided to change his style from what he was doing to what he loves doing.

Speaking to Hiptv , the singer posited that he’s very talented to the extent that he can sing all genre of music effortlessly and that explains why he could switch without any issues.

He added that he had to take the decision to switch style , after dropping his first album and realizing that music has been commercialized. The singer also claimed that there are a lot of fake people in the industry, saying that many people come laughing and gisting with him but deep inside them they do not want him to succeed.

He further  posited that he’s open to collaboration but can never beg any artiste for it, saying that collaborations come with mutual benefits.

” If i feature on your song it then means that there is something i’m bringing to the table , that will in turn make the song good. Yes i’m open to collaborations but will not beg anyone for it”  He said

Morachi said he has new projects and songs that are going to drop very soon. He said he’s done pleasing people ,saying he is now doing things his own way.

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