Speed Darlington Step Up Preparation To Contest For The Presidency In 2023

American based Nigerian rapper speed Darlington who visited Nigeria for the first time in a long while has stepped up his ambition to contest for the presidency of Nigeria in 2023. The artiste has always made it known that he would one day contest for the presidency of the most populous black nation in the world.

The musician however took his ambition a step further at Zlatan’s “Zanku To the World” concert as he campaigned on stage. He promises good health care and a more hilarious proposition. He says if voted as Nigeria’s next president, people wouldn’t face any more intimidation from soldiers when they wear the camouflage. He says he would pass it into law that people can wear freely the army camouflage without being disturbed by anybody.

People exclaimed loudly at his promises, though he wasn’t still taken seriously by many. Is Speedy here to turn the fortunes of Nigeria around?? We wait…

Watch video:

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