Slapping in Skit Is My Signature-Taaooma

Paokagi Maryam popularly known on social media space as Taoomaa and mama Tao has revealed that her boyfriend inspired her to go into skit making in 2015. She said that he knew about editing and gave her the confidence she needed to venture into skit making.

Taoomaa  Posited that happenings whilst dealing with  her mum,  come to her as thoughts and that is what she puts together to make up her skits. She added that her boyfriend’s knowledge of editing  also help turn the skits into finished product.

According to her, she started by doing everything herself but the quality was not what she wanted, she said that as days go by she started making using of sophisticated equipment  and that has really helped in the promotion of her materials.

She revealed that slapping in her skit is just her signature ,saying that it has nothing to do with bullying or child abuse.She added that she found out that people really find that aspect interesting in her skit.

Taoomaa travelled with her mum  to Namibia where she spent most of her adolescent age. She however said living in Namibia has nothing to do with her skit making, as she thought of venturing into it after she came back to live in Nigeria

She added that, her mum was not really supportive of her initially, but later agreed when she started doing well in it.

Taoomaa studied  Tourism at the Kwara state university.

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