Seun said that a reform should have been introduced instead of rushing to place a ban on them saying the rider’s plight should be taken into consideration instead of  considering just the services they render.

As the ban enters Day 4, the Nigerian musician stated that some Nigerian are more worried about the services of the Okada riders and not their general welfare.

Through his post, Seun Kuti also  expressed his thoughts on the general suffering of the masses.

He wrote: “Nigerian professionals have shown their true colors again as largely oppressors in waiting. Children dying in hospital everyday they don’t care. Miseducated and undereducated children they don’t care.

Police brutality, no outrage but tell them to walk from bus stop to the office oh no the worst has happened!!! If u wish for your children or loved ones to be okada and keke riders please raise up your hand! We know these ain’t jobs. We pacify those we have failed with slave labor and slave wages and we are ready to fight for them to continue slaving away!! #getthesax”