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In South Eastern Nigeria, Imo state tops the chart in condom usage with 75.9% following anambra with 66.0%, Enugu with 57.6%, Abia with 53.5 % and Eboyin having 27.5%. A multiple indicator cluster survey was carried out in 2016/2017 by the National Bureau of Statistics in collaboration with UNICEF. Maureen Azure-Okolo is the monitoring and evaluation specialist from UNICEF who announced the results that’s used to assist the government in policy formulation.

Using condoms are very good to prevent unwanted pregnancy or for family planning because the population in Nigeria increases everyday despite the regressive state of the economy. The basic amenities will never be sufficient for the citizen if the consumer is more than the supply of goods. The use of condoms is way of creating stability in population growth and economic growth and Imo has made the country proud.

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