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Our Youths Are Very Cheap To Lure - Harrysong

Singer, Harrysong discusses Nigerian politics with Hiphop World Magazine, how youths are quick to attack celebrities on social media instead of politicians and his reasons for supporting colleague, Banky W's political ambition.

According to him, “In politics, I understand that there is a house that needs to be broken down. This strong house is going around by the same people.

These are very powerful people in the country and they are not opening any door for young people to come in. This is majorly because they see it as a business venture and as a money making platform.

As a result of this business mindset, they invest a lot into it and it is just normal that they will want to make their money back and also a lot of profit.

Our youths are very cheap. They are easily lured with little money. It is our youths that Buhari is giving money to fight Atiku. It is these same youths that Atiku is giving money to fight Buhari.

When will our youths grow up and say it is enough? Youths prefer to come on social media to insult celebrities rather than fighting  for their future. Illiteracy and low-mentality is bringing us down.

Now we have some youths that actually have the guts to come out, but they don’t have the financial capacity. They are bright and brilliant enough to want to effect the desired change, but they won’t get all the support.

I am excited about Banky’s movement. I will support him with everything that I can because he has been my friend for a long time and he is a bright and selfless man.

He has been a man of passion and he is a tested and trusted leader over the years. If someone like Banky becomes the president of Nigeria, I can foresee heaven on earth. Truth be told. It is bitter, they will kick against it but that’s my take.” He concluded

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