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Nonso Amadi Gives Condition For Venturing Into Politics  

Music star, Nonso Amadi was at Hiphop World Magazine headquarters where he gave an insight into his music journey so far and what he has in stock for 2019. He also spoke about youths involvement in politics and gave a condition for joining politics.

Read the conversation below;

How has the year been so far?

It’s been okay. It has been my slowest year so far but thank God, we are ending it well. We are trying to rap the year off with positive things, doing concerts here and there, dropping music, dropping videos. But at the start of the year it was a bit slow, I wasn’t so sure of what I was going to do.

What you are your plans for 2019?

2019! Going to drop a lot of music, more videos, more everything. Just content.


Are planning on dropping an album soon?

That’s going to be like when I’m ready

How do you get your inspirations for songs?             

I think the cliché thing for you to say is that it comes from real life experiences but to be honest its basically imaginative. Being creative involves you thinking about new ways. For example the tonight song came from a movie, so its different things you see around you and you hear.

What has been your challenge Working on major projects?

There are so many challenges. Trying to blend it together because whenever I work on a project I would want to maintain a standard, which is quality. Making sure the quality is high enough for your brand that’s all.

How do you manage the style of music you produce?

I try to cater to the people that are my core fans, the people that really care about Nonso Amadi as a brand. So the more you let them know what you are doing, keep them in the loop.

If you weren’t in the Music Industry, what would you be doing?

I will be in front of an office desk 9-5, Engineering.

What is your take on Nigerian politics as involved with the youths?

I like the fact that we are seeing more youths participating and standing up to tell other people to do something. For example Mr. Eazi has gotten his PVC, Banky doing something. So everyone is getting involved. Maybe it’s been like that for a while but the awareness is different now and I like that.

Do you see yourself going into Politics anytime in your life?

Unless it is cleaned up a bit.

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