Nicki Minaj Reveals Desire To Visit Ghana.

Nicki Minaj reveals desire to visit Ghana to eat jollof

American rapper Onika Maraj Tanya, popularly known as Nicki Minaj has expressed her desire to visit Ghana. According to Nicki, though she has not really had the chance to come to Africa, but she would like to visit Ghana to have a taste of their jollof.

The American rapper made the revelation in an interview on Kiss FM in the United Kingdom.

During the interview, the show host who was impressed with the American’s British accent asked if she could another accent apart from that.

While Minaj said no, the host offered to teach her to speak in a Ghanaian accent which she excitingly tried and got the host shouting that he would take Minaj to Ghana.

It was then that the rapper replied saying: “I can’t wait to go Ghana, actually. You know I haven’t gone anywhere out there. I know my South African fans tweet me all the time and my Nigerian fans. So where is Ghana in relation to Nigeria?”

The host answered that Ghana was right beside Nigeria and that they were cousins. He also promised to hook up Minaj with his grandmother for some jollof.

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