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#NECLive7: Checkout All Topics To Be Discussed At The Conference 2019

The 2019 Nigerian Entertainment Conference is underway at Landmark Event Center, Lagos and attendees will have a day to remember with a whole lot of interactive sessions among business executives, label owners, performing artistes and fans.


Starting from 10 am, the sessions will kick off. Here’s a list of all the topics to be discussed.

A proposal: Let’s do things differently

After seven years of what has now become a tradition for the entertainment industry here, NECLive founder Ayeni Adekunle makes a bold proposal for what the future should look like.

A business of numbers

Men lie. Women lie. Numbers don’t. A deep look at the figures; and an analytical attempt at explaining the whats and whys.

Democratizing Payments

The industry still has tremendous issues building and selling consumer products. Not surprising in a market where payment infrastructure remains weak. But some are already using technology to make payment easier and sexier. What are they doing? How are they doing it? What can we learn from them?

Understanding data for the purpose of economic freedom

Very few, if any companies in entertainment survive and thrive for more than a few years. Experts say this is because of governance issues as well as lack of data to guide and drive decisions. If the industry is to build sustainable businesses and scale economy, organizations and businesses will have to embrace data. The question is how.

Fireside Chat with Tope Oshin

A passionate discussion with one of the leading women of Nollywood; who are now warming up to become a major force in film across the continent.

DSTV Now: What the world must learn from BBNaija

Often disparaged as a corrupt; indecent platform, BBNaija appears to be more than a reality show for wannabe stars. The makers of the show, the participants, researches, and fans come together for a session that interrogates all the assumptions; with a view to providing everyone with an opportunity to see things differently.

Fireside Chat with Tee- A

He’s hosted NECLive for seven years now. But this time, he sits down for a quickie on comedy, EKOFEST, NECLive, and everything else under the sun.

HipTv will be there for live coverage of the conference

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