My Political Ambition In 2015 Was A Joke That Almost Cost My Life – Julius Agwu

Veteran comedian, Julius Agwu made a surprise visit to Hiphop World Magazine for a quick chat and reveals to his fans what he has for them this festive season. Here the conversation below;



Good Afternoon, nice having you here, what are you up to at the moment?

I came to visit Ayo-Animashaun, I didn’t tell him I was coming. I came and he was surprised. That was the plan.  I have been at home for 3years now, I’ve been resting. And my reason for coming out now is because I have a show this December in Port Harcourt “Crack Your Ribs”, on Christmas day.


“Crack Your Ribs” has been there over the years, but what are you doing differently this year?

What I am doing differently this year is that I want people to come and see me. I did Crack your ribs last year and some people came to show a lot of love. You know one thing that happens in Nigeria, they look at what party you belong to. The truth is that if they see that you’re parleying with anybody, that’s the major problem for you. So, I’m doing crack your ribs and I’m inviting everybody, whether you belong to PDP, APC, CPC, MPC any party. The point is just for you to come and have fun, we are not asking anyone for what party they belong to before admitting you. Please leave party at home but when you get back to your houses or your office, then you can practice your party. Next year I will be celebrating 25 years on stage and I will be doing that in Lagos.


What is your take on the present Nigerian Political Scene?

You know the fact Is that whether you want youths now or you don’t want youths now, my whole idea on the present political situation is that politics is a no go area. The PVC itself is our own thing, but the fact is that on the voting day whether PVC or no PVC that’s it. Many of our youths, many guys are hungry and 5,000 naira can do a whole lot for them. I made a joke about becoming a politician and it cost me something, I won’t say anything but I thank God I am alive.


What is that your people do not know about Julius Agwu?

They don’t know that I help people. Like Ubi Franklin was my P.A and many of these comedians and musicians, I gave them the opportunities, I don’t want to mention names. I helped so many of them. People that said they didn’t have a platform, they will forever remain grateful. For everyone in this entertainment business, there is virtually no where you go to – Acting has helped many people, Comedy has helped many people, Music has helped many people. I just do it because it’s my style.

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