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Movie Producer Bada Kolawole Shares His Career Experience

Nigerian movies also known as Nollywood has garnered enough strength to compete favourably with other movie bodies the world over. In recent years Nollywood has gotten more accolades and it’s now a force to reckon with not just on the continent but internationally.

When you ask me that who are the men behind the Nigerian movie magic, I would simply say Tunde Kelani,Tade Ogidan, Lancelot Imasuen ,Kunle Afolayan, Abbey Lanre,Bada Kolawole and the host of others.

Many Nigerians don’t know one fact that the movie we watch is just like the soap we cook, it can also be likened  to someone who go to restaurant to eat, such a person knows not who cook the food, such is the case of movie making, those who we watch on screen are not the real people behind its production, there are numerous people behind the camera, some of these names ring a bell but we may not be able to match the name with the face.


Examples of such people are the set designers, d.o.p, make up artistes, costumiers, producers, directors and so on. Many know the name Wale Adenuga but how many people can boast of knowing him physically, such is the case of Bada Kolawole because he is a seasoned actor, his major work is directing and producing of movies. Bada Kolawole, a prolific actor,an intellectual dialogue director, director of cinematography,and a successful producer.


Bada hails from Ife in Osun state where he was born in the mid 70’s, but raised in Lagos, he began his acting career while he was in secondary school about two decades ago, after which he served under the tutelage of Mustafa Bakry ( otolo) . He went to study mass communication at the polytechnics Ibadan after his studies , he returned to the movie industry to face his career fully in 2001.


Bada has acted in myriad of movies, directed and produced many, his first movie “Orelope” was produced in 2001 and he Co acted in the 2003 “Adigun Danger” an hilarious movie that was produced by Mustafa Bakry (his boss)

Some of the movies he has produced are “Enu Egan, “Ole Ifo,” Orelope,” he Co produced and directed “Tobi Banker” “Tobirin lase” and “Jessica” another wonderful movie of an old man who fell in love with natural things.


He has received numerous awards in recognition of his literally genius, his present movie is “Salubata”

He is married and blessed with children, he has partnered with the following artistes: Moji Olaiya,Antar Laniyan ,Lere Paimo, Fausat Balogun ( madam Saje) Jaiye Kuti, Femi Bright, Kunle Afod, Odunlade Adekola ,Ebun Oloyede and many more.

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