Michael Ballack Urges Bayern Munich To Appoint Jose Mourinho

Former Bayern Munich midfielder Michael Ballack has asked the club to hire Jose Mourinho, as his appointment would, “bring glamour to the club”.


Ballack worked with Mourinho during the Portuguese coach’s first managerial stint with Chelsea.

Current Bayern boss, Niko Kovac, has been under immense pressure, after crashing out of the Champions League in the last 16.

They also face staunch opposition from Borussia Dortmund in the Bundesliga, who trail them by just a point.

“Right now Niko Kovac is the head coach and that should be respected.

“He does a good job. [But] one cannot deny that, at some point in the future, the appointment of Mourinho would bring a certain glamour to the club and the Bundesliga.

“It has been seen with Pep Guardiola – his appointment gave the league a giant jolt, even if he did not win the Champions League at the end with Bayern.

“Guardiola introduced a certain style of play, he’s an exceptional coach. In addition, the international profile of each club is many times higher when you get Guardiola or Mourinho.

“With a coach like Mourinho, it’s probably easier for a club to get top stars. At the moment, the Bundesliga does not have the same appeal for world-class players as the Premier League. But Bayern would be well-advised to have world stars in their team,” Ballack told BILD.

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