Lady Gaga Defends Cardi B.

Lady Gaga has come to the defence of Cardi B who has been receiving heavy backlash after she emerged the first woman to win Best Rap Album at the 2019 Grammy Awards.

Many social media users have trolled the rapper by saying she didn’t deserve the award and that it was an insult to black women for a Latina to win such in Black History month. Many are of the view that Nicki Minaj should have won the award instead of Cardi.
However, Lady Gaga is of a different opinionas she showered love on Cardi B in celebration of the award. She tweeted;
“it is so hard to be a woman in this industry. What it takes, how hard we work through the disrespectful challenges, just to make art. I love you Cardi. You deserve your awards. Let’s celebrate her fight, lift her up and honor her, she is brave.”
Her tweet came shortly after Cardi B deactivated her instagram account due to the huge criticism she received.

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