Justin Bieber fighting against racial injustice

Justin Bieber wants to fight against racial injustice as he is ''inspired'' and has ''benefited off'' black culture.

Justin Bieber wants to fight against racial injustice as he is ”inspired” and has ”benefited off” black culture.
The ‘I Don’t Care’ hitmaker has spoken up about the systemic oppression faced by black people amidst the Black Lives Matter movement and has vowed to be a part of the ”much needed change”.
Taking to Instagram, he said: ”I am inspired by black culture. I have benefited off of black culture. My style, how I sing, dance, perform, and my fashion have all been influenced and inspired by black culture. I am committed to using my platform from this day forward to learn, to speak up about racial injustice and systemic oppression, and to identify ways to be a part of much needed change.”
Meanwhile, Justin’s wife Hailey previously insisted it is ”healthy” to discuss important topics such as racism.
The 23-year-old model said: ”People get nervous to say the wrong thing, and I think this conversation is so healthy because it’s not about saying the wrong thing. Even if we do say the wrong thing, getting corrected in love and respect and saying, ‘I’m telling you this because we respect each other and I want you to understand.”’
Whilst Justin also admitted he has been scared to speak up in the past, but now feels ”shame” about staying silent.
Speaking about his feelings, he added: ”I’ve been feeling shame in the sense of like, Why did it take these men being killed for me to almost take a blanket over my eyes. Why now? I do feel bad when it comes to that.’

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