I’m Studying To Change My Coaching Methods - Jose Mourinho

Former Manchester United manager, Jose Mourinho, fhas revealed that he is studying to embrace new coaching tactics.


The Portuguese has been without a job since he was sacked at United In December 2018. He was criticized for playing unattractive and defensive football at Old Trafford.

He has only worked as a pundit for beIN Sports for the second half of last European season since his dismissal eight months ago.

There have been reports that the former Chelsea manager rejected job offers from Scottish club, Celtic, Benfica in Portugal, as well as huge money offer from China, insisting that he wants to stay in Europe.

The 56-year-old, whose major trophy at United was the UEFA Europa League, has now said the time has come for a change of methods, as well as personnel.

“I’m thinking, I’m studying, I’m producing things all the time,” Mourinho said. I go to different sports and I analyse them, I meet my future staff because my future staff is going to be different than my previous because I think it is the moment for a few changes,” Mourinho told the Mail.

“It is nothing from the personal point of view of course not, but in relation to the knowledge, to the motivation I think it is a good time to do that.”

The former Real Madrid boss also revealed that he has missed the game.

“I have some time to think, to rethink, to analyse and what I feel is exactly that ‘Ze’ [Mourinho’s nickname as a boy] is full of fire.

“My friends tell me ‘enjoy your time, enjoy your July, enjoy your August, enjoy what you never had’.

“Honestly, I can’t enjoy. I’m not happy enough to enjoy.

“I miss my football, I have the fire, I have a compromise with myself, with people that love me, with so many fans that I have around the world, so many people that I inspired.

“Ze has to be Ze and Ze until the last day, but I don’t see the last day because my next move will be like the start.

“I don’t feel it’s just one more year in accumulation of how many years I’ve worked, how many titles I’ve won. That is history, that is the museum.

“My future will start in my next move and, as I was saying, it looks a little bit ridiculous with so many beautiful things around me and somany things I didn’t have for so many years, but I can’t really enjoy my free time,” he added.

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