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I Almost Did Not Play Makanaki  -  Reminisce Discusses Role In ‘King Of Boys Movie

Foremost Nigerian rapper, Reminisce who displayed his acting talents on Kemi Adetiba’s recently released movie, ‘King Of Boys’ visited HipHop World Magazine headquarters to discuss his role in the movie and how difficult it was for him to take up the acting role.


According to Reminisce,” It took basically 8 months of convincing; Kemi was on me for about 8 months. She shared the scripts, I read it and I wasn’t sure I could pull it off because I had so much going on at the time.

She took her time to convince me. There were lots of names obviously. People were suggesting lots of other names to her, but she insisted that she wanted me to do it.

So, I took on the challenge. My first day on set was actually my birthday. Though, Olamide was waiting for me at the club for my birthday hangout, I had to stop by on set to shoot two quick scenes.

 When I got there and I saw Aunty Sola Sobowale in her full element, shooting, I got discouraged. I had to call Kemi to tell her I could not do it. I didn’t want to mess anything up. I told her I did not mind doing a refund”. He said.

He further narrated Kemi Adetiba’s insistence on him that, “She had to convince me all over again that I would do just fine. Then I came back and took up the challenge.

 All in all, it was nice. It was a new experience for me, working with actors and other different new people. Their manner of doing things was different from music entirely.

 It was a wonderful experience. I learnt a lot. I understood the movie industry a little bit more. It was beautiful. You know, Kemi is a genius.

She knows what she wants and she always gets it. I’m glad the result was good, because I don’t like being a part of something that is not a success. It’s a nice movie. You should go see it. Record breaking, great project,  great director,  great cast,  wonderful story.” He said.

We further probed that, his fans saw him in a different terrain in the movie,  That’s the feelings they get when they see  a music star feature in a movie but we don’t get to see a lot of that in Nigeria and could it be that  pay more?

He then said, In my opinion, I feel the music pays much more than the movie industry and we also don’t have a lot of big budget productions, so it is difficult to engage musicians, except the ones that just want to do it for love and support.

It is beginning to happen though, because we have been having a couple of big budget productions in the movie world right now. We’ll be seeing a lot of musicians get involved and hopefully for the right scripts, so we can create great impressions and not just because they have fans and followers. He concluded.

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