To the religious extremist, this is not for you or your men because we haven’t ascertained if it’s religiously accepted. For the fashion lovers,creators and exploiters YES! Exploiters, you’re welcome to a new post on FASHION TRENDS men have evolved form the basic hair dos to red carpet glorified styles.

The “man bun” is one male long hairstyle that is carpet valid and casually valid . It is packing and tying of hair into a single bun placed upon the crown part of the head. It can also be called the “bro bun” “mun bun” or “dude bun” with its simplicity it is very stylish as it makes the man look young or HIP 😁.

The “man bun” is also nicer with a full medium length hair although the “tiny bun” can be styled beautifully. The bun can also be dyed depending on the individual.
Celebrities who have rocked the “man bun” are Liam Hemsworth, Leornardo Di Carrie, Uti Uwanchuckwu and others .

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