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Extrajudicial Killings: Police To Replace Guns With Tasers

Muhammad Adamu, the Inspector General of Police (IGP), has revealed that plans are in place to introduce the use of electro-muscular disruption technology known as taser in place of firearms.


Adamu said this while addressing men and women of the Nigeria Police Force at the parade ground of the Police College in Ikeja, Lagos, on Monday.

The police chief had been speaking about the spate of extrajudicial killings by some members of the force in recent weeks.

“In the long term rather than the use of fire arms, we shall henceforth use technologies and weapon systems such as electro-muscular disruption technology which is commonly known as taser or stun guns,” Adamu said.

“This will be used by the Police for routine patrols, arrest duties and other low-risk operations explored as a strategic approach towards reducing incidents of fatalities associated with misapplication of lethal weapon by the Police as first line of response to any threat.

“In perfecting these initiatives, we shall be engaging with Human Rights Bodies, International Agencies Development partners and Civil Society Organisations.

“This is with a view to evolving a united front towards addressing these challenges on a sustainable basis and within the context of best international practices.”

Adamu stated the force will no longer tolerate the senseless killings carried out by some of its officers around the country.

“I must emphasise that enough is enough. The nation and indeed the Police under the current leadership can no longer tolerate abuses associated with the Police either on Lagos or any other part of the country.

“I have already ordered that a signal be circulated to all Police Commands and Formations warning of dire consequences against any personnel that by their incorrigible acts deviates from accepted Police culture and values.”

“The choice now is for each officer to either resolve to perform his or her duties within extant rules, laws and policies or be prepared to be shown the way out of the system,” he said.

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