EXCLUSIVE: Viral Obscene Video Wasn't Planned - Tekno Apologizes [VIDEO]

Music star, Tekno got all the backlashes over the weekend following a video of semi-naked ladies dancing provocatively on a van in Lagos. 


Tekno during an exclusive chat with Hiphop World Magazine apologized for the viral video and went on to explain that it wasn’t planned to showcase women in that light, that it was just a music video scene.

The singer spoke about his comeback track having been of the scene due to illness for a while. According to him,

So I landed from London, Phantom had already sent me a beat, I listened to it, that beat sounded real good I got back home jumped on it, I recorded it, the next day, I put it on Instagram to see what people will say about it and a lot of people liked it, Davido commented that I should feature Zlatan on it, Zlatan also liked the beat,   we made music and mix it the next day and we shot the video, that is not to say what happened about the video was planned, nobody wan put himself for trouble I’m excited the video is out, lets always look forward to the future

When asked the inspiration behind the song and title, Agege he said.


Agege now, I know Agege is a place and I love Nigeria,  you know when you hear beat, you follow how it drags that will determine how you jump on it, na how e inspire me I dey take sing am I no go tell you say na something else forming too know like some other people. So Agege is a place and I’m a proud Nigerian

On the viral video with naked girls, he said.


It was a crazy thing actually, after we shoot finish, first of all we no reason say people go come record with their phones at that kind of hour, but it happened. I thought it was a bullshit too, I went to sleep, I woke up in the morning my whatsapp is loaded with messages my Instagram was bomb, text messages were crazy twitter was on fire. First thing as I start to dey see all those indecency comments and people are really uncomfortable and all. I don even want to see this thing like say na play thing. I’m really sorry that this thing play out the way it did. I don’t know mhen, I gat no words for it. I sent the song to the director, he liked it, plotted the idea for the video, I got on set, I shoot. 

I sure say the director sef no know say na like this the thing go be, he wouldn’t have put himself in wahala nobody is stupid. We are trying our best to let the public know that this is a music video.

First of all it didn’t look like a music video, it looked like we are parting with naked of girls. People no even know say na 12am the thing happen, we no expect a lot people to be on the road by that time. Because we were driving moving from one location to another, Lagos no dey sleep it means that person recording is moving alongside with us. It has happened we will just try our best to let the general public know and that is why we are speeding up the release of the video to make a whole lot of sense that way, and not view me as that useless guy that felt he has arrived and want to put out naked girls out there.

There’s a popular saying that you don’t like press, how true is that?

People no dey understand wetin dey go on for your personal life, there might have been situations that played out that made people think that way, that Tekno is rude and arrogant, I’m in a place in my life where I’m happy, I’ve gone past phase of sickness, that vocal issue, that is behind me now, anything wey happen for back please leave it behind, right now I’m all yours, and all that talk say I  no like press, who no like press? Abeg I like press, please press me.

Watch video below:

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