Exclusive: I Had A Pastoral Calling - DJ Kaywise

Ace disk Jockey, DJ Kaywise during a visit to Hiphop World Magazine headquarters made a revelation that might see your favourite turn table maestro turn to a man of God later in life. Read conversation below;


What are your plans for 2019?

first of all, we just launched the academy for kaywise academy in Omole, it’s a new branch, we use to have one in Egbeda where it all began. And also we did Joor Concert which was in January and as time goes on, I will be dropping some couple of singles. I just dropped a video with Mr Eazi and Dj Maphorisa, I also just dropped a new single with Demmie Vee. A lot of materials will be coming out from Kaywise this year.

Is there any project you are working on currently?

Yeah, the academy, we just launched and pushing my new materials the one with Demmie Vee is the one I’m currently working on and I am about to drop the video.

As a DJ in Nigeria, what are the major challenges you face?

There are so many challenges but I don’t see them as a challenge but a way of life, a breakthrough, as they come I solve them and move on to the next…

What propelled your interest as a Disc Jockey?

Initially I started with production, but I had always wanted to be a DJ. I was a studio rat back then in one of my brother’s studio, it was quite easy for me to divert into DJ. A DJ walked into our office back then, and that was DJ Neptune, so I went to just check him out and see what he was doing. Then I realized I had more flings to Disc Jockeying than producing. That was how and what inspired me to be a DJ.

When and where did the journey start?

It started in Egbeda nine years ago. I started with production when I was so young, so the journey started nine years ago for me.

If you weren’t a DJ what will you be doing?

Maybe a pastor, because I come from a Christian home. Actually my dad is a pastor and my mom is a pastor and I’ve always played drums in church. So if I wasn’t a DJ, I’d probably be a pastor, because I have the calling, but one way or the other I chose music, maybe I might revisit the call later.

How do you manage to stay relevant?

Everyday I try to achieve a new thing in my career. I started from nothing, I built a brand for myself, I did a concert, established an academy… I don’t just want to be a DJ, I want to be more.


What’s the idea behind Joor Concert and when did it all begin?

Joor concert started four years ago with the idea of celebrating DJ Kaywise and giving back to my fans. We decide to do it yearly, as it grows , we are expanding. We have a lot of artiste that comes on board to support me and perform.

What’s the inspiration behind ‘Alert’ your new song?

Eazi hit me up, he said your song is ready, its very funny. I listened to it and adjusted the beat, I made sure the beat can work on the street, in South Africa, in Nigeria…I decided to pull a bigger artiste or DJ from South Africa. So we called up Maphorisa, he did his own part, he voiced on the song. I didn’t really understand what he was saying but I like the whole vibe and all that. Then I dropped it and we did a giveaway, because the song is ‘Alert’ so we did a one million naira giveaway. The video just dropped.


Has there been any point where you had regret as a DJ?

No, because it’s what I want and I needed to prove it to everyone. Being from a Christian home, especially with one whose parents are both pastors, it was a tough one. But I was pushing more because it’s what I want. I try convincing my parents that I might be a DJ but not a wayward DJ. There was no platform for me to go learn I had to struggle on my own, it was hard. So it inspired me to create an academy, where people can learn. The Joor Concert, I didn’t see sponsors for like three years, it was all on me. I would go broke. I didn’t stop because it’s a dream.

What advice do you have for those who would like to be a DJ?

 Don’t give up on yourself. If you are looking for where to learn, you can come to our academy. If you are not in Lagos, you can watch on Youtube, start up somewhere, keep rehearsing and don’t give up.

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