Combining Comedy With Writing Is very Hard-Asiri Comedy

Stand -up Comedian Osundare  Damilare ,popularly known as Ashiri has stated reasons why he wrote  two  books in a spate of two years. The comedian cum author, said that he had many thoughts in his head and decided to put them in black and white. He added that his books did well in the book shelf as many Nigerians connected with it.

Ashiri posited that the belief that Nigerians don’t read is false as his book has made him realize that Nigerians do read well, saying the mistake most authors make is that they stay far away from the people and thus don’t connect with their day-to -day activities.

Speaking to Hiptv  on combining comedy and writing, he said  combining these two different mode is highly overwhelming. ” When it comes to serious issues as writing and whatnot it’s Damilare that attends, whilst Ashiri comedy  goes for the comic part”

He said that comedy club has really helped him ,as it also  helps comedians hon their skills , saying the idea is getting  increasingly popular amongst Nigerians.

On being spontaneous in  comedy shows, he said spontaneity is good as it helps to connect with the people adding that conveying original materials should be prioritized.

He added that , comedy is no longer job for jesters as it now requires a whole lot of research and findings on a regular basis.

On the recognition of comedians in the entertainment industry, he posited that job description is what makes artistes look like they are more recognized adding that many comedians are really doing well but don’t talk about it.

Ashiri said  that he started comedy way back in the university, and decided to team up with partner Woli Arole much later .

” I approached Woli Arole to interpret his jokes to non-Yoruba speakers and he agreed and that was how we started” He said.

Asiri is a stand up comedian and a writer who has written two books already.



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