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Charlyboy Visits Ikoyi Prison, Feeds Over 200 on 69th Birthday

Maverick entertainer and activist, Charles Chukwuemeka Oputa, better known as Charlyboy or Area Father his 69 years old today.


The self-styled Area Father visited Ikoyi prison and fed over 200 inmates as part of activities lined up for his birthday.

He went in company of members of #OurMumuDonDo group and #NaWeBeGovernment Movement, Dailypost reports.

Charlyboy was also accompanied by renowned singer, Mrs Anehita Aletor, who shares the same birthday with him, as well as Augustine Omoifo, the organizer of the prison tour.

Charlyboy and his Movement also helped in facilitating the release of some prisoners awaiting trial for over a decade or more.

The Area Fada said, “it’s been quite a long time that we were born into this prison called Nigeria, and the first thing that comes to mind on a day like this is to visit those in hell. If we are in prison, then you can only imagine where they are.

“This is the only way we can reach out, the only way we can save a life.

“Unfortunately, majority of us don’t even know we are in a dungeon. Unless we realize this, we will continue in this eternal anguish.

“But like I have always said, the survival of our country depends solely on the ability of our young men and women to break out of this prison by fire by force, whether them like’am or not. Enough of this nyamanyama.”

Born on 19 June, 1951, the singer/songwriter, television presenter, publisher, producer and one of Nigeria’s most controversial entertainers is best known for his alternative lifestyle, political views, and media productions, most notably The Charly Boy Show.

In a post on his Instagram page, Charlyboy said he hopes his life has inspired Nigerians never to give up on their dreams.

He further said has been committed to always being his “authentic self, regardless of people’s opinion, because Na only me Waka come”.

One of My late father’s famous quotes. “ Without commitment you cannot have depth in anything”

I have been committed to my marriage for 41yrs with all the distractions in this world.

I have been committed to showing young Nigerians how never to give up on their dreams, no matter the challenges dey are faced with.

I have been committed to my Consistency in pursuing things that speak to my soul, regardless of haters and bad belles.

I am committed to being the voice of the underdogs(voiceless) and to fight injustice any which way I can, even when the people you fight for fight you.

I am committed to always being my authentic self, regardless of people’s opinion, because Na only me Waka come.
My people
be committed to pouring me with gifts, accolades, prayers, Hugg’s and kisses…” Charlyboy wrote.

Happy birthday to the Area father.

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