Bipolar Disorder: Blac Chyna Slams Mother

American model, Blca Chyna, has assaulted her mother, Tokyo Toni, for accusing her of having bipolar disorder. 

Toni was assaulted by her daughter, Chyna, in the new Real Blac Chyna series. Chyna, 31, was seen throwing bottles and chairs at the 49-year-old, after accusing her of having bipolar disorder during a therapy session. 

As they both scream, in the series, Tokyo yells, “I’m ready to get the f**k out of here” while Chyna is lunges  forward throwing drink bottles and a white chair as others in her home hold her back.

Their argument comes after another scene saw them both head to therapy.

“She’s evil as s**t to me,” Chyna was heard saying about her mom in a separate scene.

Meanwhile, speaking to People about the series, Chyna said she was ‘excited’ for people to finally see the real her, AKA Angela White.

“I am excited to set the record straight regarding my life on my own terms. Watching The Real Blac Chyna you will get to see my raw, real and edgy unfiltered life,” she told the publication.

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