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Actress Angela Okorie, Accused Of Faking Assassination Attempt News

Actress Angela Okorie who was recently involved in attempted assassination by unknown gunmen has been accused of faking the story from start to finish.

Series of photos surfaced online where her car was riddled with bullet as she claimed the assassins kept on shooting at her car for close to 30 minutes.  The actress had claimed that it was God who saved her, saying bullets have been removed from her wig and body.

The actress appeared in a Live Instagram video where she revealed that about 30 bullets were removed from her vehicle with 10 from her wig which protected her head from getting hit.

However, a blogger @gistmerchant shared on Instagram that the actress needs to be careful with her made up story otherwise she would suffer the real deal.



The blogger wrote on Instagram:

“You think doing live video to show us badly made up bruises will make everything true? If you were shot and got those wound on the 12th of December which is three day ago as you claim, you will not even be able to turn around your head without difficulty and that dried thing you were tapping at the side of your head in the video, is that supposed to be a 3-day old wound? This crazy lady think everybody is stupid or something. Bullets were removed from your head and your head is not wrapped up in bandages to protect and keep swelling down. Fool”

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