5 Things To Do While Staying At Home

With the lockdown in major cities in Nigeria and the world wide campaign for people to stay at home to avoid spreading the coronavirus, it is important to use this free time productively. To do effect, here are five things you can do while staying at home 1. Take an Online Course With very online platforms like Udemy, Coursera, you can take a professional course from the comfort of your home 2. Learn a New Skill Skill set are important and what better time to sharpen your skillset or add a new skill to your arsenal 3. Learn a New Language Languages open you to a whole new world and with the free time you have now, you can start the start that language you always loved 4. Pick up an indoor hobby Indoor hobbies like playing table tennis, cooking and playing video games can keep you busy while expending your mind and body 5. Exercise! Exercise!! Exercise!!! You are not late for work so whats your excuse for not keeping fit?

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