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Exclusive: Skiibii Talks Music, Being A Record Label Owner

Former Five Star Music acts, Skiibii Mayana in a recent chat with Hiphop World Magazine talks about his music, the uneasy task of being a record label owner. Read the chat below;

So what does Skibi have up his sleeves? What project are you working on?

Right now, ‘sensima’ is taking so much of my time right now. I am very busy answering calls. People have been calling me and I have to be there. It is December now, and we have to be on our toes all around. I have basically just shows all around. I am not recording new songs this December. I can decide to be stubborn and record in my leisure time. Next year January, there are still shows in between, but we have to shuffle everything. We have to move on with the plan. We’ll be coming straight with a new song. Not just songs, it will be a hit by the grace of God. After dropping the hit, we’ll be doing collaborations and major tours in African countries, UK, America and all around to spread the gospel.

How has it been as a stand-alone artiste?

It has not been easy, I must confess, but we thank God we are able to manage that zone. Standing alone as a CEO and record label owner has been tasking. Very soon I’ll be signing an artiste into more grace music. After I left 5star, people were asking me when I was going to sign an artist. I told them we had to focus on Skibi for now, and then we’ll let the world know. I’ll definitely not go around looking for artists everywhere. I need to take my time to study someone that really needs the platform. I need to be sure the artist is good enough. Right now, if I sign an artist and I don’t give him full attention, I have failed my duties. It won’t be good enough if any artist feels bad and neglected under me. I have to be ready.

In the entertainment industry now, there is this disagreement between Artistes and record labels. Coming from that background, what advice will you give a talented upcoming artist?

I will advise any artist signed to a record label never to fight with their record label. They should always appreciate the effort of their record label on them, no matter how minute the money spent on them is. There are many people that wish to have that same privilege. Whenever you are leaving, leave on a good note, because you didn’t start with a fight. Leave in peace and blessings will definitely follow you.

Away from music now, Nigeria is moving towards the election period next year, what is your take on Nigeria politics?

I don’t do politics. I’m not interested in it.

You are Nigerian. You should have an opinion.

I believe it is messed up. Nothing is well structured and I would just repeat what has been said before. I’ve given up on whatever they have been doing and whatever they want to do. It is a plan. They know what they are doing. So, I’m not interested in it. Right now, I am my own government. I provide light when I need light. If I need power in my house, I buy fuel and use my generator. I do all these after paying nepa bills. I don’t have a government. I am my own government. In my street, we tarred the roads ourselves because we were not comfortable with the road. We had to fix it. I am proud to say the government is not doing anything for me. I do everything myself even though I pay my tax and toll gate fees. I don’t always want to complain, so I do these things myself.

Your latest single with Reekado banks, Sensima, is making mad moves. I know you to be a very hardworking artist. You don’t seem to release tracks. Is it that is not profitable to release tracks?

If you check, all my songs have videos. I try to do a proper push for every single I drop. I don’t drop songs for fun. I don’t just release music. Whenever I drop songs, my fans are always ready. From Ha skibi, to London to skibobo to gara. So I think the wait is always worth it. I already said it in the middle of 2018 that I won’t make my fans wait for too long. That’s why the gap between skibobo to gara to sensima was not far. Same thing will happen next year. I still promise quality though.

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