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Exclusive: Last Election Was Terrible, The Worst We Ever Had - Ruggedman

Less than a week after the conclusion of Nigeria’s general elections, rapper Ruggedman visited Hiphop World Magazine to discuss his assessment of the process,  he rated the entire exercise as woeful and the worst Nigeria ever had.


According to Ruggedman,

Last election was terrible, Nigeria has never had it this worse, we’ve never had it this bad, killing people left right and centre, tugs snatching ballot boxes while police and soldiers were there standing and doing nothing.

I even saw some videos where police and soldiers were helping the tugs to carry ballot boxes and at the end of the day some results still come from these places. How? You understand

I know of somewhere like Borno where elections did not take place and they announced results how?

Nigeria needs to sit up both the government and the people with the way it is going it is looking like the government doesn’t care about the people; they don’t respect us they don’t care about us. So my assessment is, this election is woeful.´ He concluded.