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EXCLUSIVE: I’m Ready To Do The Unthinkable In Auto-Engineering – 19-Year Old ACC Whizzy

We brought you a report of  Amalu Chikamso Chizoba a.k.a ACC Whizzy last week, a 19-year old genius that believed in what he can create with his engineering talents.

ACC Whizzy drives around Lagos with a car built by himself, he also have inventions and new ideas he will be willing to unravel to the world.

Read excerpts from his exclusive interview with Hiphop World Magazine below;

Acc Wizzy, nice having you here ?

I’m happy to be here today. It was on my way back from church yesterday I met Mr Ayo Animashaun along the road. He asked me to come to hiptv today, so he’ll know more about my project.


Tell us about yourself.

My name is Acc Wizzy, meaning Amalu Chikamso Chizoba. The name wizzy was given to me by my teacher when he noticed how good I am at engineering. He said I should look for the meaning of the name in the oxford dictionary. I saw that it means someone that has future advancement in the knowledge of technology. I am from Enugu state

You have fantastic projects. Can you tell us some of the things you do?

I deal with building and construction of aircrafts. I started when I was younger. My major challenge is that my family members don’t understand what I have. As soon as I noticed my talent, I had to go further. My father kept on destroying my projects.  Then, after constructing toys and showing it to my father, he burns them.

At first, I wanted to study mechanical engineer but later, I got to know about aeronautic engineering. I made my first helicopter in the east, but I had a misunderstanding with the man I was working with. When I first got there, I told him I was going to buy all the materials and do everything myself. I just wanted to use his welding machine, which he charged me ten thousand naira for.

When I finished the work and I was about to use his welding machine, he said I should bring sixty thousand instead of the initially agreed ten thousand. He even gave me a two-day ultimatum to get half of the money. The man knew had difficult it was to even raise the initial ten thousand, because I was still going to school at that time and my father used to give me a hundred naira every day.

I had to trek to school so as to save up to raise the money. My mum was really supportive during this period. She kept pushing me on. She kept encouraging me even as she didn’t have so much money.

Have you ever sat your dad down to ask why he didn’t support you on this project, as it is a very big one?

My dad was once a sportsman. He used to win competitions for Nigeria. He had a best friend that they used to run together. Most times when my dad gets first position, his friend gets the second position.

One time they were meant to have one final race that would have won my dad a free trip abroad. Before the race, people advised him to get involved in fetish charms to fortify himself for the race, but our religion and culture forbids it.

On the day of the race, after he had given his best friend a wild gap, he lost control and fell into the water from the bridge. They had to rescue him. After that incident, his mum asked him to stop running and go into trading. I think that’s why he doesn’t support me. He feels Nigeria is fetish and frustrating.

In terms of assistance, in what way are you looking out to people?

I just finished my secondary school education about two years ago. Now, I want to study aeronautical engineering.

If I can get support to study in America, I will appreciate. I gathered they have the best schools there. Apart from that, I still have other projects.

I have a house I designed on my book. The house is an anti-gravitational house. It works with power holding. When there is light, it will leave the ground and hang on air. When the light goes off, it comes down until there is light again. Though if you keep putting load in the house, it keeps going down, then at a maximum level, it will stop.

I also want to go for the law of anti-gravity, because people around me believe it is not real.  I realized that there are some shapes that I put on some materials, that when I throw it up, it hangs in the air for a few seconds before it starts coming down. From there, I realized that anti-gravitational force can occur. So I want to make it in a way that it will hang. There will be nothing like electromagnetic force. It will hang on its own.

What have been your challenges so far, as a young man that is trying to do things himself and is trying to be creative?

My major challenge is financial challenge. For me to do all these projects, it cost a lot. I had to find a way to do everything. Before, I used to fix toys and drones. When jobs like that were not forthcoming, I had to resolve to wash cars to raise money.

Tell us a little more about yourself

There was the car I designed some time ago. I used to hear so much about military bullet proof cars. I designed a car, when you move a car under it; it will automatically scan the car. If you shoot a bullet on the car, it will penetrate. By the end of this year, I want to make a micro aircraft that I will fly from to Lagos airport. It will take off from Police College and land in the airport.

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