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Mind Your Looks, Stay Stylish And Healthy This Hamattan

It’s the last month of the year marking the beginning of festivity all over the world. The excitement however is followed by a price that comes with this season- ‘Harmattan’, characterized by harsh weather, intense cold and dryness in the morning and extreme heat when the sun comes out later in the day.

This period, your skin might be exposed to different conditions due to the weather. To prevent your skin from cracking and drying, you have to dress strategically and appropriately to accommodate the harsh and fluctuating weather. Here are a few tips on what to wear and how to take care of your skin and still look stylish and ready for the New Year.

  • Long Sleeves clothes: These are suitable for this season as they cover your arms as they prevent direct contact with the dry air. Because of the fluctuating nature of the weather (as explained earlier), invest in Jackets, blazers, and cardigans so even if the weather does get hot, you can take them off. To pull this off, it is advisable to wear a decent top or shirt underneath the jacket or cardigan. We advise you buy them on time as they will get ready expensive when the demand for them becomes high.

  • Scarves and hats: There are different sizes, styles and patterns that fit into any dress.  it can help prevent dust from getting into your scalp or your hair because with the harmattan wind comes parching dust. It also gives warmth to the scalp. Scarves can be worn for warmth during the early hours of the day and can be loosened and used as a neck tie. Try not to wear a scarf that has busy patterns on a dress that has busy patterns. Patterns should not work with patterns! Also, black scarves should be avoided on full black outfits, so it doesn’t look like you are mourning.

  • Sunshades: Sunshades and sunglasses are very important for everyone if you don’t want to have dust in your eyes and lashes which can get very irritating and give you a red eye. It is also useless in protecting your eyes from the harmattan sun.

  • Below the knee dresses and skirts: The longer the better for this season. they help protect your legs and prevent them from being exposed to the harsh weather and turning white.

Other tips include;

  • For the ladies, endeavor to let your hair down. This is very fashionable at the same time it gives your neck some warmth which would be a blessing in such a season.
  • Don’t forget to have some lip gloss/lip balm and petroleum jelly in your bag always, you might need to continually apply them to your lips and skin. This is not fully applicable to the men. The men can get silent colorless lip balm to avoid lip breakage.

  • Avoid wearing white clothes as the harmattan season is always accompanied by dust.
  • It is a good step to add a lot of fruits to our diet as it helps the immune system. Plenty viruses survive well in cold and damp places and there is the existence of cold in the early hours of the day. Particularly, fruits with vitamin C apart from helping boost immune, help fight against catarrh.
  • Finally and most importantly, try to look good at all times. The weather is not an excuse to dress shabbily.

We hope you find these tips useful. We wish you a happy new month and a merry Christmas in advance.

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