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Your Career Will End Soon - Blackface Goes Tough On 2Baba Again

Blackface, a member of the defunct hip hop singing group Plantashun Boiz, has declared war on his former music group mate, Innocent Idibia, also known as 2Baba.


Taking to Instagram, he said 2Baba’s career is going to end once the war is over.

Although he didn’t state what triggered this new post, he wrote,

“Can the #WAR officially begin @official2baba ? I say it has now #officially… even though you been taking secret shots but you can come out in the open now You know your career is going to end when this is finally over #youareoverwith2019 🐍”

This is not the first time, Blackface has openly slammed 2Baba who he has accused of stealing some of his songs in times past. Their feud has been a longstanding one with threats of taking legal action from both parties.

Their altercation started following the break-up of their former group in 2004, with Blackface claiming he wrote the song, “African Queen”, which remains one of 2Face’s biggest hits till date. The song was part of 2face’s debut solo album, “Face2Face”.

Their enmity resurfaced in 2014, when he said 2Baba’s, “Let Somebody Love You” track reportedly contained lyrics written by him.

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