Exclusive: Make Naira Marley, Zlatan Your Ambassadors - Daddy Showkey Begs EFCC

Veteran musician, Daddy Showkey spoke about the latest arrest and detention of fast rising acts, Naira Marley and Zlatan by the Economics and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), owing to the their alleged involvement in cyber crimes.


It will be recalled that, the duo grabbed headlines with their last joint titled ‘Am I A Yahoo Boy? A song many believed was glorifying cyber crime.

During an exclusive chat with Hiphop World Magazine, Daddy Showkey pleaded that commission should be subtle in their judgment of the lads and use them as ambassadors against the offence they are arrested for instead of parading or prosecuting them.


Read the excepts from the interview below.

Hiphop World: What’s your take on the present happenings concerning the cybercrime issue that’s been glorified in the country?

Daddy Showkey: First ofall for me I feel that everybody has his or her own right, if there’s job in the country nobody will like to go into crime. When we were growing  in those days, were when we’re on vacation, we go and do vacation jobs (we do little jobs) because I know where I come from, I come from a society whereby there’s no opportunity and you’ve got to look for opportunities yourself if you understand, but today I feel that because of the situation of the country a lot of people, even not just this generation in my own generation too they were doing 419. They look for a means of survival if there’s no job, so for me I believe that if there’s opportunity nobody will want to put their hands in anything that wants to put them in trouble.


Hiphop World: The EFCC has arrested two fast rising artistes, Naira Marley and Zlatan what’s your take on this particular issue, who’s to be blame for such scenario?


Daddy Showkey: First of all I’ll say I don’t know the reason why they arrested them and they’ve not come out publicly to tell us the reason why they arrested them, and I’ve found out that they’ve released one of them, maybe they released about two people but what I’m saying is this; I grew up on the streets, I went through a whole lot of things and did a lot of things while I was growing up and you won’t tell me that if a child is bad that we should kill him, those guys maybe they might have done something in their past, but today they have young followers and people they influence, why not use them to be faces to campaign against what you’re fighting about. Because they’re young lads that are growing in a society where there’s no job and no opportunity but right now music is the only opportunity that they have to express themselves, why not use them instead of trying to destroy their careers.

Let me tell you where I have problem with them, for example I went through a lot growing up, I can’t tell my child that I went through this and you must go through same process.

Everybody works to give their child the best in life. There’s nobody that does bad thing that can tell their child that I did this bad thing so you should go and do it too, nobody can do that but if you as a young man somebody comes out and advise you that you’re not suppose to do this and you’re insulting the person that’s where I’ve problem.

If Rugged man comes out and say see this thing you’re doing is wrong and you insult him and say what you’re not suppose to say then for me I feel that you don’t have a good upbringing, cuz if you’ve a good upbringing you’ll know that it’s an issue you should just take as an advise instead of insulting Him.


When I got a lot of messages from people asking why I’ve not said anything about the issue, I told them I’ll say something about it. As for me I’ll tell EFCC that they should temper justice with mercy and tell the young man to go home and also use him for their campaign. I know of a boy in the U.S that’s an hacker the government caught him and right now they’re using him to work for the government.

The boys grew up with hardship so you should understand them. So they can still use them instead of parading them because they’ve not paraded the thieves in government, these boys are useful they should rather use them to create softwares and other things, we’re in a jet age where this kids are genius so they should find a way to convert their energy into positivity.

Hiphop World: With the arrest of these artistes do you think it has sent a positive message to others doing cyber crime or you think that it has not help the situation at all?


Daddy Showkey: Well you can’t say it has sent a positive message because they’re still suspects and they’ve not been sentenced for any crime but the truth is that “Impression without Expression is equal to Depression”, it’s high time we start saying the truth and stick by the truth. If what you’re doing, and you feel it’s good for you then it’s good but if it’s bad for you then it’s bad for you but you should be ready to bear the consequences when it comes that’s my take on it.


Hiphop World: Music as an art is used by artistes to pass a lot of messages, social vices and others and they’ll hide under the umbrella of art, you as a veteran musician do you feel this arrest will limit creativity of artists? 4

Daddy Showkey: I’ll not agree on that because talent is diverse, you can diversify your talent into many other things, no one can say since I’m singing about what’s going on in the society that I can’t also sing about love and many other things, artist can diversify and sing about anything but the truth about this is that what the present age is looking for that’s what the artistse are giving to them, it is what they want. If today an artist is singing about what’s happening in the society they won’t listen to them but rather they prefer to listen to the music that’s shaking of body.

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