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Davido Apologizes To Female Lawyer After Body Shaming Her

Davido has apologised to a female lawyer, T.Lolo after body shaming her in his response to her shade over his political involvement.


The apology, which was posted on his Instagram page on Sunday, is not only directed to Lolo – the woman who told the singer that he was selling his soul by campaigning for the People’s Democratic Party’s presidential candidate Atiku Abubakar – but to women all over the world.

 The 26-year-old singer admits stress as one of the reasons for his body shaming comments. He also highlights his personality of being impulsive.

“On this side all you ever gets is, ‘You are a celeb you should have a thicks.’I know that and believe me I got thick skin. I get hate daily. I ignore hate daily.

“But I’m human too and sometimes even as celebs we get mad too and we react and even overreact. This one did hit me different and I lashed out. And for my reaction yesterday, I apologise. I should have handled it different.”

“There are so many young boys that follow David… young girls that follow David.

“There is two little girls that he has brought into this world. All of these people are aiming for some kind of influence.

“And I think it is a bad example. What does my body have to do with anything?”

Lolo asked a question in a social media video she recorded following Davido’s hounding of her.

The pop star knew he should have acted better and he acknowledged this in the IG post.

“For my reaction and things said in response, I apologise. I let my anger get the better of me and it was wrong. Everyone that knows me knows of my love and respect for women but also my impulsive nature that makes me who I am.”

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