Check Out Nigerian Love Songs Of The Decade

 Over the decade, Nigerian Artistes Have churned out love songs one time or the other and they have proven to be top notch. These songs have fixed many broken homes and are also still being dished out on wedding day.
Below is a list of love songs that have made the cut

Call my name – Styl Plus 

We all need to be impressed by someone before they catch our attention. A smooth pick up line will always do the trick, even if it means pretending like the phantom ghosts from our villages are calling for you.

Jamb question (feat. Falz) – Simi

Being a female in Nigeria can be tough, hence the necessity for playing hard-to-get. You have to pretend not to be interested in the advances of the guy to test his dedciation. For guys, this is the phase where she evaluates your facts and cross-examines all the plotholes in your poems. You must be steadfast and persistent

Scapegoat – D’banj

We still have conflicted feelings in this phase, but an elaborate act of  personal or emotional sacrifice by one or both people involved will change things in an instant.

Taking over – Yemi Alade 

This is the final stage of contemplation and conflicted emotions. At this stage, you can no longer fight the emotions.  You can’t explain what they are doing to you but you can no longer fight what you feel.

Over the moon – Dr Sid

This is the honeymoon phase of falling in love. The calls are incessant, the texts are mushy and you’re missing the person even when they are right there just being beautiful.

Don’t break my heart – Cynthia Morgan

This phase comprises of three phenomena; that you can’t  stop thinking about the other person, that the thought of them not being there scares you to death and you start having mini panic attacks when they don’t call or return your missed calls. You are trying not to panic or do anything irrational so you start seeking reassurances as self-doubt forces you to question your foolish decision to fall in love.

Fall in love – D’banj

At this point, you don’t even care anymore. They  have already brought their wahala into your life, but ironically everything they do is beautiful to you.Private trips – Wande Coal

When you finally find time in your busy schedules to have the perfect date.

Adekunle Gold -Orente
Adekunle Gold has also churned out many love songs from Sade , Orente, promise.


Tesojue – Reminisce

After an expensive date that went surprisingly well, you are both driving home having an unspoken conversation about what you know is coming up next.

Wafeku  la leyi

In my bed – Wizkid

Wedding day – 9ice

Here you are, on the morning after. Someone is wearing the other person’s shirt, the other is kneading fingers along another’s hair, both of you are seriously considering how many babies you want to have.


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