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February 1st, 2012


Don Jazzy

NOW IT’S PRETTY DIFFICULT TO THINK up a title for an article about don jazzy. How is one supposed to come up with a few words to adequately describe a talented music producer such as Michael Collins? How does one run away from having to utilise the title of a Mario Puzo book or movie as a pun to explain his stranglehold on Nigerian music, Africa and pretty soon, the world.

Since this article now contains the almost obligatory homage to the awesomeness of Don Jazzy, we can now begin to examine where he began and where he is taking us.

“There was this guy in the church that was like, ‘guy, you are always coming to me that you are looking for a job, do you know that you can make money from this music that you are doing, at least you can play the drums and bass guitar very well. I can introduce you to a couple of my friends that play at those Owambe parties in London’…”

Providence made a grand appearance as a member of his church introduced him to some artists who had live bands and played at parties in London.

“On that day, they were playing juju music and I was playing bass guitar but I was playing like Oliver de Coque kind of style on the juju music that there were playing”

Don Jazzy had the opportunity to fill in for the bass guitarist with Jide Chord’s band, infusing highlife into the juju band. Jide Chord and others in band fell in love with his style of play and invited him to play at subsequent gigs.

“That’s how I met Soji, Mr. Solek as we all know him today, we became friends from there and he told me that he’s trying to put together his own band as well, it’s not going to be as big as this but we could just be playing at restaurants…”

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